Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Slow Club

Monday May 24th 2004, 8.30pm

Girls night out with D and P. The Slow Club is just about equidistant between our 3 homes in SoMa, Bernal Heights and China Basin. This Industrial-styled bar/eaterie (which has nothing to do with 'clubbing' in case you were wondering) doesn't accept reservations so Monday is a convenient time to visit and acquire a table immediately.

The first couple of times the waitress visited our table we were so lost in the depths of catching up on news and gossip that we hadn't even glanced at a menu let alone chosen a drink. She declared she would start us off with water and shamed us into looking at the cocktail menu to make our beverage choices before she returned with the bottle of San Pelligrino.

Over the course of the evening we got into a little bit of confusion about the glasses of wine by the glass we were trying. The long of short of it was: Myself and D both like the Bordeaux, P and myself both liked the Pinot Noir. None of us liked the Shiraz and D didn't care much for the taster of Italian she tried. I can't remember it's name.

For an appetizer, we shared a flat bread. This turned out to be a crispy cheesey pizza-like concoction as large as a dinner plate. It was wickedly delicious and I was glad that we hadn't ordered more. We needed to reserve room for our entrees.

P and I both chose the pork chop. This huge chunk of pig leg was deliciously tender and moist served with steamed spinach, cherries and their reduction. On the side were two corn fritters which didn't live up to the rest of the dish. They were a little greasy and would have been improved by a little more corn and a lot less batter. Nevertheless, acting like the animal we were consuming, we both finished everything on our plates, not leaving a scrap. D took the healthier option of fish with white beans and beets. I think the fish was halibut, and it was certainly clean-tasting and tasty too - we know because D kindly let us both try it.

Flat bread $10
Entrees $15 -$18ish
Wines $6-$8.50
Total $40 each plus tip.

How I updated the report of my visit to Zagat:
It'a great to have a quality, cool place in the 'hood where you know you can just drop in for absolutely delicious, well prepared and cooked food without having to make a reservation. Nothing about this place has ever disappointed me. Brunch and dinner are both equally desirable.
The Slow Club


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