Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Egg Sandwiches

Tuesday May 18th 2004

In English English: Egg Sandwich or Egg mayonnaise
In American English: Egg salad sandwich.

Hard boil 3 x organic brown eggs. Drain the hot water from the pan and plunge the just-cooked eggs under plenty of cold running water until they cool down. This will make them easier to peel, stop them from cooking further and stop the yellows from going black around the edges. Peel off the shells (Do this underwater - it makes them more slippery and helps the shells ease off). Pat the shellless eggs dry with some kitchen roll, then place in a bowl with a big dollop of mayonnaise. Season liberally with New Maldon Sea Salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper and mash until the desired consistency. F suggested I add some praprika, which I did on this occasion. It gave them a pretty orange colour and a little added flavour too. We ate it for lunch, on Pain au Levain bread.
I like to serve them with plain, salted crisps (potato chips)

In England we would skip the paprika and garnish the sandwich with 'mustard and cress' which is impossible to buy in America. I miss it - i wish I could get it here. It looks like the green stuff in this picture

Here is a classic english recipe for mustard and cress sandwiches

  • Schoolchildren in Britain learn about life by growing mustard and cress from an early age.
    Egg Sandwiches


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