Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dennys Corte Madera

Sunday May 16th 2004

I told F I have some bad news: "The meeting place for lunch (on our S2K drive) has changed, it's going to be Denny's in Corte Madera". He didnt mind, though cos he'd never been to Denny's before. We sat at the Denny's bar (where NO alcohol is served) next to Charlie from our S2K run who had earlier been really nice and given us all (40+ people) a really cool key chain. Each. Charlie fell asleep at the formica table. I nervously anticipated the food. I don't know how F was feeling. He ordered a burger, figuring that no one can mess up a burger. Oh, he'd never been to Denny's before! I dont know what I ordered. Some chicken fajitas thing. It was repulsive. You can taste the BAD oil they use on every morsel of food. I dont like green peppers. Ususally I dont eat them if they are in a dish I order. Get this: at Denny's I was pcking out the green peppers fom my dish and eating them because they were the only part of the dish that was edible. I checked out Denny's web page and realised, later, that I'd been robbed. They were meant to serve my skillet with salsa. I am sure it would've tasted much much better if drowned in a fresh, grease-cutting spicy sauce.

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    Dennys Corte Madera


    • At 14/9/04 01:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      You shoulda ordered breakfast. Hash browns are very good (before lunchtime - iffy thereafter). Pancakes are just fine, too.


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