Friday, May 21, 2004

Amici's Pizza - San Rafael - Marin

1242 Fourth Street San Rafael, CA 94901 415-455-9777
Update November 2004
Amicis Website

Since our first visit to Amici's back in May, Fred and I have become real fans. The service is efficient friendly and fast, making a great place for a speedy no-fills lunch. We love the mini sized pizzas, exactly the prefect amount for one person. The pizzas are tasty and the thin crusts are consistently of great quality.

Fred nearly always chooses a pepperoni whilst I fluctuate my choices between the margherita (no sauce), the margherita with extra Boston fried eggplant topping or the Trentino which is a piquant little pizza with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Crumbled Feta, Baby Spinach, Pancetta (Italian Bacon), Red Onions, Herbs, and Lemon Infused Olive Oil, again no tomato Sauce. The pizzas are always cutely served each on a little metal tray with an extra plate for eating off of.

Click to enlarge, Amici's margherita pizza at their San Rafael Branch

--old Amici Post:
CPK loses favour

After the battering I have had from my office mates for dining at California Pizza Kitchen from time to time, F and I decided to try Pizza at another locale, Amicis in San Rafael. The pizza's at Amicis have a nice thin crust, good choice of toppings and, best of all, come in a mini 7" size which is a better choice for your wallet, your waistline and the environment.
Amici's Pizza - San Rafael - Marin


  • At 21/5/04 16:32, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    is that related to mulberry pizza on smith ranch road here in marin????

  • At 17/7/06 14:56, Blogger vitajex said…

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  • At 26/8/06 21:09, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh then you have not been to LoCoco's Pizzeria in Terra Linda (San Rafael) 631 Del Ganado Road (at Freitas Parkway)
    San Rafael, CA
    415.472.3323. Killer (killer!) dough and awesome sauce (not to acidic, not too sweet or garlicky)-juussst right. Priced right, great service.. They're very popular. Located in a little strip mall where Scotty's market is. They're awesome. We did not care for Mulberry Street Pizza on Smith Ranch Rd in San Rafael. We are not sure why they won an award. Salads/dressing were awful and dough was not great, sauce acidic, toppings not that interesting. Ho hum on that one. If you like consistancy and don't mind tons of kids, CPK in Corte Madera is a decent alternative. The Santa Fe is yummy, as is the Pepperoni or plain cheese. They also have great salads and bread. Not overly expensive either. But we will usually head for LoCoco's in San Rafael. Oh for cheap yummy Chinese, try Three Dragons in San RAfael/Terra Linda. It's small, friendly and affordable. They'll customize for you too according to your diet. 4166 Redwood Hwy, San Rafael, 94903 - (415) 479-5838

  • At 12/7/07 23:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The best thing about the Amicis pizza, as I see it, is its mini 7 size, haha... I can regulate my portions now sa well as my purse now...great


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