Saturday, March 31, 2007

48 out of 100

Top 100

As he does every year, today the well-known food critic at San Francisco's most prominent newspaper published his Top 100 which lists the restaurants that he considers represent the best examples of local dining.

I was simply curious to see how many of the restaurants on the list, I have eaten at too, and how many times I have visited each of them:

1. A16 (definitely more than 20 visits)
2. Antica Trattoria (twice)
3. Aziza (once)
4. Bar Crudo (5 or 6 times)
5. Betelnut (at least 3 times)
6. Bistro Aix (just once)
7. Bix (once for food, many times for drinks)
8. Bocadillos (twice)
9. Bouchon (once in Yountville, once in LV)
10. Boulevard (once)
11. Buckeye Roadhouse (probably about 10 times)
12. Canteen (4 or 5 times for breakfast or lunch only)
13. Cesar (once a long time ago)
14. Chez Panisse (once, upstairs only)
15. Coco500 (at least 10 times)
16. Cyrus (once, very recently)
17. Delfina (just once so far)
18. Dosa (once, must go back though)
19. Farallon (twice, years ago)
20. Firefly (twice)
21. Foreign Cinema (5 or 6 times)
22. Gary Danko (just once)
23. Incanto (twice)
24. Kokkari Estiatorio (once)
25. La Taqueria (once)
26. Limon (twice)
27. Manresa (twice)
28. Maya (once)
29. Mecca (2 or 3 times)
30. Michael Mina (once)
31. Myth (once)
32. Nopa (once)
33. Ozumo (once)
34. Perbacco (twice)
35. Pesce (two or three times)
36. Piperade (three times)
37. Pizzeria Picco (four times)
38. PlumpJack Cafe (once)
39. Quince (once)
40. Range (twice)
41. Slanted Door (once)
42. Slow Club (At least 5 times, probably more)
43. The Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant (twice)
44. Ton Kiang (twice)
45. Town Hall (3 or 4 times)
46. Tres Agaves (four times)
47. Zarzuela (once)
48. Zuni Cafe (10 times, at least, and counting...)

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48 out of 100


  • At 1/4/07 01:19, Blogger Beccy said…

    That's a lot of eating out Sam.

  • At 1/4/07 03:27, Blogger Trig said…

    That's more eating out than I've done in my entire life!

  • At 1/4/07 07:12, Blogger The Corkdork said…

    Sam, perhaps it's time for your top 25 or 50 list, or one by you, Joy, and Pim, maybe. I, like you, laugh at the lack of imagination of Michael Bauer every year and a lot of us would trust the food bloggers top picks. John

  • At 1/4/07 08:54, Blogger Dagny said…

    Hmmmm. I'm trying to decide if I should congratulate myself or berate myself for only having been to about ten or so of the restaurants on the list this year. I know in past year's the count has been much higher so I just know it says a great deal about me. Or maybe it's because there are two or three places on the list from which I just can't seem to escape. "Eat out? Let's go to that place yet again."

  • At 1/4/07 10:38, Blogger Sam said…

    Beccy and Trig - you are right - Trig - I am just trying to help people like you stay in business.

    But when I was your age, the amount of eating out was far list.

    This includes 6 years of eating out.

    Corkdork - I can't be pfaffing about with lists - I am not a real journalist remember ;)

    Dagny - well if there is a place you really like then there is no harm in revisiting it is thee?

  • At 7/4/07 14:14, Blogger Alpineberry Mary said…

    Hi Sam - That's a pretty amazing tally. =) I've only visited 16 on the new 100. Although, back in 1997 (or perhaps it was '98) I did get to 36 of that year's 100.


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