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A Foodography Announcement

Holiday Foodography

Last January Andrew and I started a food/wine photography club challenge called Foodography. Despite some fabulous past entries and themes, the popularity of Foodography has gradually waned over the course of this year and so we have decided to put it to bed and send it on a very, very long Holiday.

We are not too worried about the fate of any of the faithful Foodography followers we are still holding onto because there is another, similar event run by the informative Lara of Still Life With whose entire site is dedicated to helping people take better photographs of food. When I noticed that she had chosen the exact same theme that we had decided upon for our final Foodography I decided to pull the plug on our own venture a month early and send our readers to go and have fun with her Holiday challenge instead:
"...everyone celebrates the holidays in their own way. This month’s challenge is your opportunity to show what your holiday (food) traditions are."
We'll be following Lara's monthly challenge when we can in 2007 and hope that all Foodography fans will join us learning more about our photography, with Lara, over at Still Life With instead.

Foodography 2006 Retrospective
Foodography 11 - Cooking the Books
Foodography 10 - Pear/Pair/Pare
Foodography 9 - Cake
Foodography 8 - Liquid
Foodography 7 - Wine Glass & Bottle
Foodography 6 - Hot!
Foodography 5 - Brand Awareness
Foodography 4 - Green
Foodography 3 - Tools of the Trade
Foodography 2 - Dairy
Foodography 1 - Oranges are not the only Fruit

Many thanks to everyone who has taken part in and supported Foodography over the past year,

2004 | The Best of November
2005 | Nature's Communal Oven - Fiji.

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A Foodography Announcement


  • At 3/12/06 01:33, Blogger Meeta K. Wolff said…

    OH Sam! That is such a disappointment!

    I joined in with Foodography 2 and I can only too well remember my first attempts at food photos. I learnt so much since then and I am so sorry to see that you have decided to discontinue the group!! I noticed in the last few sessions though that the commenting and critique was almost close to 0 on the entries which is probably also one of the reasons why many lost interest.

    I for my part do really thank you and Andrew for starting this group and appreciate all that I have learnt. Foodography was one of my two fave groups (the other one of course was SLW... by Lara). I really hope that you guys come back soon after the hiatus!

    Hugs Meeta

  • At 3/12/06 08:32, Blogger Sam said…

    I know Meeta - it is disappointing, I am sorry. I was commenting on every picture for a long time, Andrew too, but the majority of entrants, apart from a few noble stalwarts gave up somewhere along the line and Andrew and I couldn't work it properly without a consensus help.

    Actually I think people lost interest before the comments dwindled. I worked a statement into the guidelines to say if you expected a comment from others then you should start the ball rolling by at least self critiquing your picture first and many people didn't bother which suggested to me that people weren't really interested in the critiques so much. Or that they didn't read the guidelines.

    I am very excited to be able to take part in Still Life With next year instead and hope you can too.hnlzxe

  • At 3/12/06 18:24, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    I feel bad. I participated two or three times; left a few comments here and there but not nearly enough.
    I'll be honest: I was intimidated. I wasn't sure my comments would be meaningful, coming, as they are, from a rank amateur. ("Oh, that's nice, but I hate the color of your dish towel." Or, "Um, lighting, dude!") Frankly, a witchy part of my soul wanted to call out so many of the entries for sheer banality (even if they were technically accomplished), and I just couldn't do that.
    Andrew's comments were always so -- uh, correct!
    Also: I was shy about my own photographic abilities, so I tended to opt out rather than join in. The pix I did submit were pretty good (by my standards) and I did get glowing, welcoming remarks from you two principals. So it was not an uncomfortable environment; far from it. It was my own psycho psyche that kept me away.
    What say we give this a fresh start next year? Tell all your friends! Polish your skills! Best of all, don't chicken out. It's a learning seminar, after all, and we're among friends.
    Thanks for all you did for the whole past year.

  • At 5/12/06 09:54, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I will join Meeta in thanking you and Andrew for creating the group and making it a fun place to participate into. I too remember my first shots when I discovered the group, and oh boy, I can tell I learned from looking and trying and shooting and observing. The group was a fantastic trigger. I feel sorry to see it go, and like CookieCrmb, hope it will get a new fresh start next year, or have a holiday as you mentioned.

  • At 10/12/06 01:21, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm sorry Foodography has folded Sam. I've finally felt well enough (and had the energy to lift my camera) to participate and went looking for the latest challenge only to find it has gone. So I'll add my thanks to you and Andrew. I'll check out Still Life.


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