Monday, August 14, 2006

Mystery Pepper

What Are These?

2006 mystery peppers from the san francisco farmers market - they're HOT!

These peppers form the basis of a common ingredient that is probably found in every home. Every home that cooks, at least. I had never seen them in their original state before. The first two questions in today's quiz can be guessed by anyone, but the second two questions are San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers Market-specific.

1 - What kind of pepper is it?
2 - Which country is it associated with?
3 - Who brought the seeds back into the US so they could be grown here?
4 - Which farm grew the peppers.

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Mystery Pepper


  • At 14/8/06 08:03, Blogger wheresmymind said…

    1. Serrano
    2. Puebla in Mexico

    Not from SF, so I'll leave the others alone :D

  • At 14/8/06 08:33, Blogger Alice said…

    Hmmm. Sam, this would be easier if you had a ruler or something... If they are small-ish, they look just like the super mega hot peppers we grow at home.

    We got them from a Vietnamese family, and they are unusual because the peppers grow towards the sky instead of hanging down. The Papa Bear says they are from Mexcio, but I swear I have seen them in Thailand.

    As far as the FBFM, I am not a big fan of that place, so I have no clue...

  • At 14/8/06 08:45, Blogger MEM said…

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  • At 14/8/06 09:00, Blogger Joy said…


    I know the pepper lady at the market is probably the one you got them from but I forget her name...

  • At 14/8/06 09:52, Blogger shelly said…


  • At 14/8/06 09:54, Blogger shelly said…

    1 Paprika
    2 Hungary
    3 Hmm... dunno :).
    4 Mariquita? I bought green paprikas from them a few weeks ago. They were *HOT*.

  • At 14/8/06 10:05, Blogger shelly said…

    Mariquita Farm's website calls these "Boulette's Paprika." So I'd guess that Amaryll Schwertner of Boulette's Larder brought the seeds to the US.

  • At 14/8/06 10:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congratulations to Shelly the Sleuth correct on every count.

  • At 14/8/06 10:36, Blogger Kalyn Denny said…

    I was going to guess tabasco, so I guess I don't know much about peppers! Nice photo though, and I do LOVE the Ferry builing farmer's market.

  • At 14/8/06 11:18, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My internet connection is working in spurts today (v. frustrating) so I missed answering your questions. I immediately got the kind of pepper and paprika and Hungary ---- but are they really from seeds imported by Amaryll? Good for her! Another diamond in her already glittering crown.

  • At 14/8/06 13:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    aren't they called Aleppo Peppers?
    and they're for paprika, non?

    oooh, wait, someone already said paprika, and you said they're right, but i still think they're called Aleppo Peppers

  • At 14/8/06 17:55, Blogger the chocolate doctor מרת שאקאלאד said…

    Oh, such pretty paprikas! I think there might be other peppers called paprikas too, but I don't have any info at my fingertips just now.


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