Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bay Area Blog of the Week # 34

Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit

Do you ever feel like you have been living under a rock[cake]? That's how I felt earlier this week when I only just discovered Chockylit's beautiful Cupcake Bakeshop blog which not only originates from the San Francisco area, but is also one year old this month! Where on earth have I been?

photograph picture chocklit cupcake bakeshop blog

I have been getting very hungry sifting through Chockylit's archives. Persimmon Pavlova Cupcakes look and sound stunning, a chocolate tarragon combination sounds just like my kind of experiment and the Churros and Chocolate Cupcake is such a charming idea. I am wowed. I am floored. I am sure that everyone in the world except me has been reading Chockylit for months and months, but if she happened to slip through your net too, be sure to put her firmly on your radar today!

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Archive Alert! Mimicing my favourite dish from Townhall

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Bay Area Blog of the Week # 34


  • At 11/3/06 13:43, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Aw, nobody has thanked you yet for the link to a new (to me) blog. Thanks.
    Chockylit's site is so well designed.

    Why are cupcakes all the rage?

  • At 11/3/06 13:59, Blogger Sam said…

    I am culturally predisposed not to understand the cupcake phenomena, being from more of a fairy cake country myself, Cookie. But I think Chockylit's blog could possibly convert me!

  • At 12/3/06 00:48, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oooh....thanks for turning me on to this.
    Those cupcakes look scrumptious.

  • At 12/3/06 17:13, Blogger Jocelyn:McAuliflower said…

    That's the joy of finding such a site after its been fairly well established- you have a fully stocked pantry/archive to rummage through!


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