Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wine Blogging Wednesday #12 - Drink Local. Real Local.

It's shameful. Here I am writing a post for Wine Blogging Wednesday without even having had the slightest drop to drink.

But the Rules are Unforgiving: This time around...there's only one rule: Drink a wine from the winery nearest to your apartment, house, shack, bungalow, flat or tent. And NO CHEATING. If I have to, I'll fact check on each and every one of your entries. Lenn Thompson, July 10 2005

It took me a little while to determine where the nearest winery to my house actually was. It was one of the more difficult google searches of my life. But eventually I came up trumps when I found out there is actually a winery in Potrero Hill, of all places, yes! That's where I live. Who would have thought it. Just over 1.5 miles away in the urban centre of San Francisco.

Here's the scoop: A few years ago Michael Brill ripped up his Potrero Hill backyard and planted pinot noir. Soon after, Michael began hauling tons of fruit back from wine country to make wine in the city, showing up at his day job bleary-eyed and purple fingered. Vowing to add sanity to the lives of winemakers with day jobs, Michael formed Crushpad.

In a nutshell, Crushpad is a community winery, where anyone genuinely interested in such an investment can make their own wine. I am not going to regurgitate their website here, you'll have to go and discover it yourself. It is packed full of information.

I did have some correpsondence with Michael. I wanted to ask him where I could get hold of a bottle of his wine to sample for this tasting. But the venture is so new, they are yet to bottle any of their wine. He did invite me over to his 'pad' for a sample glass but unfortunately, because of my work hours clashing with Crushpad's hours of operation, I was unable to find the time before the WBW deadline.

Hopefully, during the next harvest, when they open up at the weekends, or when they have their next open day, I'll be able to check Crushpad out properly and give a little bit more of a juicy report.

Locavores August Eat Local Challenge 2005

PS Yesterday I did ok, not great, with the Eat Local Challenge. My breakfast of strained St Benoit yoghurt, June Taylor Conserve and Alifieri flaked almonds was spot on. Lunch was a disaster - don't even ask - a toasted bagel and a packet of Lays crisps at work. In the evening I did a little better but still not perfect. Please remember I was away at the weekend and I haven't been shopping at the market. I am eating up what is already in the house (a virtuous act in its own right). I had some imported Italian spaghetti mixed with localish tomatoes from Balakian Farms, basil from our 5-week-old Farmers Market basil plant and Farallon, a new piquant brie-like cheese in oil and spices from Cowgirl.
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Wine Blogging Wednesday #12 - Drink Local. Real Local.


  • At 10/8/05 13:19, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You suddenly reminded me of the wineyard in Montmartre...Sigh...And of a time where everybody was doing his own wine...

    Of the little "rose" the father of a friend used to do from his own private little wine yard.

    Of the little grapes who survived in my grandmother courtyard.


    It's a really nice idea to come back to that kind of tradition.

  • At 10/8/05 13:56, Blogger Sam said…

    Del - Clotilde wrote about the Montmartre Vineyard for her WBW entry! Check it out - there is even a photo, just to make you homesick.

  • At 10/8/05 15:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Depending on where you live, I may have a closer winery. Last week we received notice that one of our neighbors was applying for a license to operate a winery out of their home. It's on Fair Oaks, between 22nd and 23rd Streets. I have a feeling that they're doing the actual wine making at some contract crusher, so it may not count for the rule.

  • At 10/8/05 18:54, Blogger cookiecrumb said…

    Ack. Me too. I couldn't actually *taste* the wine I discovered. I will soon, though.

  • At 12/8/05 07:45, Blogger Sam said…

    ANonymous - I actually messed up BIG TIME because I found out about the Anchor Steam winery which is nearer my house. You can read about it on Vinography.

    CC- careful now, don't drink the whole bottle at once!


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