Saturday, May 14, 2005

Custard & The Final Question for the Quiz

(incorporating Quiz Question 8 & Bay Area Blogger of the week #8)
First an announcement:

photograph picture of wine decanter filled with faux rose

Through Chowhound and my food blogging hobby I was lucky enough to meet pastry chef Shuna Lydon. When I found out she wanted to teach a class about making custard, I begged her to let me host one at my house. Yippee. She agreed! I hope some of my readers will be able to join us. The class will take place in the 'Dog Patch' area of San Francisco which is located at the bottom of Potrero Hill.
As the class takes place during what some may call dinner time, I will provide pizza and beverages during the class.


Fifth in a series of in-home private classes taught by eggbeater's Shuna Lydon, this custard class will give you an introduction to the elusive and seductive custard family. Silky smooth, delicate & tricky, custards have become relegated to professional kitchens or given up at home save for pre-packaged mixes. Learn how to tell when a custard is set, why eggs need to be relaxed before baking, and taste delicious results!
The class costs $60pp, payable to Shuna.
photograph picture of shuna's custards

Click here to visit Shuna's Eggbeater blog for more details and to sign up for the class.

Question 8:
Today's final question in my quiz is about this week's featured local blogger. Who is it? Clue: This blogger presents Japanese monastery style cooking recipes from San Francisco. Recently he prepared Lunch for a bunch of local ladies at their Tea Ceremony Practice. What is the name of his blog?

Every day for just over a week I have been posting up questions for my Quiz competition to win a $60 Amazon voucher. Check the preceding posts for further details and prior questions. Hold onto your answers. Next week, probably Monday, I will tell you how to enter.

Hopefully next week, work will be less crazy and my blogging will be back to normal. Talking of work, I'm late, must dash...
Custard & The Final Question for the Quiz


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