Friday, February 04, 2005

Tabla: Tucked away, for tucking away.

Revisit: Tabla
1167 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, (415) 461-6787

Tucked away in a hidden corner of Larkspur, Tabla is fast becoming my favourite place to eat lunch in Marin county. The ingredients they use are fresh, healthful, local and organic. The food is beautifully prepared and always delicious.

for additional salivation, click on the picture to enlarge

Yesterday I tried one of their specials, the duck confit on a bed of lentils. It was flawless. The soft, savoury lentils were perfectly seasoned and mixed with just enough duck fat to make them tasty. The shredded duck was moist and juicy. The frisee leaves perched on top were fresh, green and crunchy.

Despite being highlighted in the Chronicle's Bargain Bites, Tabla isn't exactly cheap, particularly considering it is a cafe with no waiter service. But for the high quality of the food and the ingredients, it's worth paying a few extra dollars for lunch.

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Tabla: Tucked away, for tucking away.


  • At 4/2/05 07:50, Blogger Debra Solomon said…

    I actually started salivating when I I clicked on the picture. And that's a pity because I'm supposedly re-experimenting with vegetarianism until... April. Vicarious tasting through pictures is a bit of allright tho'.


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