Friday, October 01, 2004

Maille Veloute

When we arrived home this evening there was a parcel from France waiting on our doorstep. In return for some photographs we had sent Fred's maman, she had mailed us some goodies. We could hardly wait to rip open the packaging knowing that inside there would be some of the most wonderful mustard ever, Maille Veloute. We discovered this in Paris in the summer but only bought one jar back with us. Needless to say, it didn't last long. Now we have two more jars which should see us through a few more months.
Maman kindly included a couple of bars of C'ote Dor au lait avec noisettes for Fred too. He's hidden them in the freezer. I am not sure I am allowed to touch.


Tonight we might see our friend Olivier from Cafe Bastille who has spent the last week in France too. He couldn't find the Veloute for us, but he told Fred that he had bought us three jars of our other mustard addiction - the wonderfully spicy Amora Dijon. I think it's the start of a mustard nirvana..!
Maille Veloute


  • At 2/10/04 06:14, Blogger Sam said…

    We did see O and he gave us 3 jars of Amora. I felt so bad because he had been trekking around Paris looking for the Maille Veloute too. But to no avail. He couldn't find it. But our deepest heartfelt thanks go out him for the effort.
    Merci beaucoup!
    It's also worth noting at this point that Fred's maman included a little note with the package joking that the Veloute was the most expensive mustard she's ever encountered.
    Nirvana often doesnt come cheap...


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