Sunday, May 18, 2008

from Sacramento to Santa Cruz

Is there anyone out there who doesn't have a food-related blog these days?

Digest This! - Yelp restaurant reviews, favorite recipes, thoughts on wine and cocktails, and plenty of other errata regarding the gastric delights

The Peanut Butter Boy - Peanut Butter is a highly effective hair gel

Food Gal Carolyn Jung
- Musings on food, wine, laughter and life

The Gourmet Pig - soon to be a Porker

Something Sweet
- Because baking is clearly different from cooking

Do Better - The journey of an ordinary housewife doing better

Paajaka - Indian, vegetarian, food recipes

TasteFood - a culinary journey beginning and ending at the kitchen table

QUESTION OF THE DAY graphic copyright sam breach
?Why don't you have a food blog too?

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2004 | Egg sandwiches (before blogger had pictures)

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  • At 18/5/08 12:07, Blogger Kitt said…

    Maybe the question should be who doesn't have a food blog? Or who among bloggers doesn't post about food at least occasionally? (I think mine's at about 60 percent food. Would be more if I had the time to cook something interesting every day. Maybe after I win the lottery.)

  • At 18/5/08 15:30, Anonymous del4yo said…

    The only reason I never post about food is because I read your blog.

    Far too challenging :P

    The birdies and bunnies I doodle are not edible...

  • At 18/5/08 16:35, Blogger Kristen said…

    Wow. My blog views have gone up considerably since your post! Thanks! ;)

    But yeah, everyone and their momma seems to have a food blog, especially out here in CA. I go back home in a month and I'm sure there will be a lot of people that say, "What's a blog?"

  • At 19/5/08 07:09, Blogger Diane said…

    a blog is a blog, but what do you put in your blog?
    and more important, what significance does your blog have on you?

  • At 19/5/08 11:29, Anonymous Carolyn Jung said…

    Thanks for the shout out. I feel honored to be listed in Becks & Posh, especially because even if you guys aren't huge fans of your two namesakes, I admit I definitely can't get enough of Beckham. ;)

  • At 19/5/08 12:12, Anonymous Lando said…

    Having thinking about starting a website, we opened it up based on places to take your date to. Hence, our blog does restaurant reviews and sightseeing travel guides at the same time. It seems that we do fall into the food blog category.

    I take it as a fun way to communicate with others. With all the talk at my school about doing things that you enjoy, I try to keep that mentality. I'm sure that a lot of people have a passion for food and want to be heard about it. I find it great to discover what people have to say since the food world is quite large. Theres always new things to learn.

  • At 19/5/08 12:40, Anonymous Vanessa said…

    The problem is- I DO have a food blog, but it's an incredible amount of work! How to keep up with it, keep it updated, and fresh, and current? I am still struggling...

  • At 19/5/08 12:58, Blogger The Bitter Foodie said…

    and I just started one!

    It's a lot of work keeping it real.

    But I can say in just the short time I've been blogging, it's nothing if not therapuetic.

    What have I gotten myself into?!

  • At 19/5/08 14:21, Anonymous Rose said…

    My brother and I have always shared a love of cooking, and the blog started as a way for us to cook together from across the NorCal/SoCal divide.

    Now it also functions as a dynamic repository for all our various recipes and cooking obsessions, most of which don't fit neatly onto an index card.

    I've often wondered why cooking has grown so much in popularity over the past several decades. I wonder if it's because cooking is at once creative, active, and sensually satisfying - all things that in contemporary society are more and more absent from our lives.

  • At 19/5/08 15:03, Anonymous Mrs. L said…

    Thanks for the link to Crolyn Jung's blog. I used to read Bellyful all the time and am glad to catch up with her again.

  • At 2/6/08 08:43, Anonymous Michele said…

    I just started my own food blog after writing a personal blog for almost two years. i just love to cook, and eat, and chat, so it seemed like a natural extension. Plus it gives me a place to send the friends when they want another copy of a recipe.
    But a little part of me does keep hearing "Do what you love and the money will come...". So it is not entirely altruistic.

  • At 4/6/08 13:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm trying to have a food blog -- or at least, a partial food blog. I'll be starting tonight with food on my already topic-crowded blog.

    I cam here via FarmgirlFare, by the way. Great site!


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