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Pretty-in-Pink Reusable Produce Bags

From Re-Market on

picture photograph image re-market reusable produce bags in a pretty shade of pink from here:  2008 copyright of sam breach

Unfortunately they are not made from recycled material, but I love everything else about these shear but strong, light but sturdy, pretty, handmade produce bags I discovered on, from a seller based in Seattle called Re-Market. Perfect for loose items at the Farmers' Market or the Supermarket, they weigh in at next to nothing and are machine washable too. Currently only the white version is listed as being in stock. The cost is $7.50 for a set of 3.

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?I don't think I am too fond of these. Too many plastic bags being wasted! I rarely seem to see people using them more responsibly, loaded with reusable bags, like this. Hook & go or no, no no?

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Pretty-in-Pink Reusable Produce Bags


  • At 12/4/08 18:28, Anonymous V Smoothe said…

    Awesome! Bought some as soon as I read your post. I've been hunting for something exactly like this for a while now - I hate using plastic bags, but I often feel like I have no choice for items like greens that I can't just dump in my canvas shopping bag. Now my problems are solved. Thank you for sharing!

  • At 12/4/08 18:46, Blogger Sarah Caron said…

    Ooh Good catch. I am heading over to Etsy to bookmark those right away. I hate having to use the plastic produce bags -- these are a perfect solution.

    As for the cart - you couldn't pay me enough to use one of those! Besides, with a double stroller, the basket in the bottom is big enough to hold EVERYTHING I need.

  • At 12/4/08 18:58, Blogger Robert said…

    I really like these. I've never been a big fan of the canvas shopping bags--too awkward and clunky. These look much more streamlined and easy to use.

  • At 12/4/08 19:39, Blogger McAuliflower said…

    ah dang it- y'all wiped out the fun colors. Just white left.

    Nice find Sam and kudos for it being an etsy person!

  • At 12/4/08 20:13, Blogger Cate said…

    Oooh, so pretty! Have a few reusable produce bags that I found online, but these are much prettier. Found a great reusable insulated bag at Trader Joes today for 1.99. :)

  • At 12/4/08 21:31, Blogger Allen said…

    This post is timely -- my mother lives back east and told me today that she finished making her own shopping bags because she wanted to, "go green". While these nylon bags look nice, I'm not a fan of the synthetic feel of nylon. I prefer either an organic cotton drawstring bag or hemp tote.

  • At 13/4/08 00:43, Blogger ChrisB said…

    Sam so will all your other bags be ditched in favour of these!?

  • At 13/4/08 02:13, Blogger Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said…

    Sam, I just ordered a bunch of bags from Flip and Tumble (.com) because to be honest I like multi-use bags and I don't like people seeing what is inside - I'll let you know how they are but I loved that they roll up compact and I could keep one in my purse all the time.

  • At 13/4/08 03:36, Blogger Barbara said…

    You will love what I ordered online yesterday because I ordered an extra one to send to you.

  • At 13/4/08 11:17, Blogger Dara said…

    hey sam, what are those wheely bag-hook carriers called? i need one! thanks for reminding me of their existence, i'd been looking for a way to carry my farmer's market booty home. can you email me directly? (if you have a chance) thanks!

  • At 13/4/08 20:44, Blogger kudzu said…

    I really like it that these bags are easily washable and they appear to be v. sturdy. I've been amused at the costly bamboo bread bags -- are they really any better than the cotton drawstring bag I brought back from Orvieto especially shaped for carrying and storing bread?

    Don't think either of these really does keep bread fresh.

    As for shopping carts, anyone who has ever lived in Manhattan knows how crucial these unhip push-me-pull-yous can be, no matter how uncool their design. Not a bad idea for shoppers who must walk and ferry large amounts of goods.

  • At 14/4/08 08:57, Blogger Zoomie said…

    Like anything else, the carts are good when used by someone with the right intention, not so good when using the one-use bags. I use a rolling suitcase at the market - and on trips! :-)

  • At 14/4/08 15:38, Anonymous Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet said…

    One of the best things I did was buy the reusable bags at Whole Foods for my grocery bags. They are made from recycled plastic bags but have a sort of "canvas" sturdy feel to them. I think they are between $1-2. Now I use them for everything.

    I recently found myself frustrated, upon returning to the US from living in Ghana, that all my produce has to be individually put into a small plastic bag and then all those plastic bags have to be packed...into another plastic bag. The system is broken. I just want someone to weigh and price all my produce and then allow me to put it into my reusable sack.

  • At 15/4/08 08:02, Blogger Sam said…

    Thanks for all the comments everyone - you will be glad to know I have enough material for dozens of resuable bag posts, I am rather addicted to them.

    allen - I agree that nylon isn't the best product but for these bags is extremely light. I have some others which are made from organic cotton and they are much heavier.

    mum - absolutely not.

    sara - thanks I will check those out.

    dara -they are called "Hook & Go" I believe.

    kudzu - I have a bamboo bag and I do love it. Is it better than x? I don't know, I find it so pretty and someone bought it for me so I am happy.

    I am not complaining about the lack of cool and hip with the Hook & Go - you should use my own shopping cart - an ugly ice chest on wheels from costco to know that it is not appearances that bother me, however what is uncool when I see one of these things carrying a dozen plastic carrier bags. Using reusable bags with one of these things is a far more welcoming sight.

    For me - except for tiny things like berries, everything goes straight in my ice chest without a bag.

    I wash the plastic bags I do have and use them over and over again

  • At 17/4/08 02:26, Blogger Beccy said…

    I wanted to buy some of those bags but they're all sold out!

  • At 17/4/08 23:23, Blogger McAuliflower said…

    keep checking back on the site. The charm of Etsy is that these are all handmade.

    Ask the shop keeper to email you when she has some more in stock.


  • At 18/4/08 13:07, Anonymous N. & J. said…

    You can find reusable organic cotton bags on Etsy as well. They may not be as cute but they are certainly better for the environment.

  • At 18/4/08 15:54, Anonymous Flanboyant Eats said…

    it's just such a pretty pic, though!

  • At 22/4/08 10:41, Blogger Melicob said…

    In case anyone is interested in making their own fold up shopping tote out of an old tank top, we posted a tutorial on our website! It's super easy, even for a novice sewer.


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